Baby Bed Bugs FACTS SIZE and How to Identify Them

Baby Bed Bugs FACTS SIZE and How to Identify Them

Baby bed bugs are not the kind of insects that you would not care about having in your house. They can be very annoying, and in the long run, they are dangerous. Baby bed bugs feed on human blood, and if they are in your house, they will feed on your blood. The reason this insect got the name “bed bug” is due to where they hang out and when they suck your blood. Baby bed bugs feed on human blood when humans are asleep on their bed. This is why they are named bed bugs. There are many things to know about baby bed bugs that can help you if you ever have such a problem in your house one day.

Facts about baby bed bugs

Baby bed bugs are more common than you might think. If you ask your friends and family, you can find at least one household that had to fight with baby bed bugs. Besides, those little vampires are not only in houses. They can live basically everywhere where they can suck on human blood, so no place is safe. Your hotel room, offices, movie theatres, and many more places can be a host for baby bed bugs.

Baby bed bugs bite facts

One of the most wondered issues about baby bed bugs is their bites. It is understandable since the issue about baby bed bugs starts when they bite you. Or, those tiny creatures do not harm your house or anything. The following are facts about baby bed bug bites.

  • It lasts five to ten minutes for a baby bed bug to feed on you.
  • They bite several places on your body.
  • They leave your body as soon as they are full.
  • It is nearly impossible to feel them while they are biting you.

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However, it is not impossible to spot those sneaky nighttime baby bed bugs. Most people notice that they are hosts for baby bed bugs through the bitten points on their bodies. It is important to know what how a baby bed bug bite looks like to spot them on your house and take the necessary actions. The following describes how a baby bed bug bite looks like.

  • They are very itchy. They can be any place on your body, but most probably in a place that was open while you sleep, such as your arm or leg.
  • They can be very painful. Baby bed bug bite often follows with pain and a burning feeling.
  • The bitten points get red.
  • The bitten points get swollen.
  • If you have many clusters of bitten points in one area, the chances of it being baby bed bug bites are higher than it is a mosquito bite.

The effects of baby bed bug bites are not limited to those things. Of course, the physical effects are the main predictor of you having baby bed bugs in your house, but they are typically followed by other side effects. In the long run, baby bed bugs will have more influence on you than just the physical impacts.

baby bed bugs
baby bed bugs

Other side effects of baby bed bugs bites

It might be challenging the spot the presence of baby bed bugs in your house. Their presence will most probably be spotted by the baby bed bug bites. However, there are other things that can be the predictor of the presence of baby bed bugs in your house. The following are other side effects of baby bed bugs bites.

  • Sleep problems: Since those little baby bed bugs feed on you during your sleep, it is most probably that they will cause you sleeping problems. You might get disturbed during your sleep, and since your blood will be sucked while you sleep, you might not get a night of quality sleep.
  • Anemia: If your blood values are not healthy enough, baby bed bugs biting on you might cause problems since your blood will constantly be sucked. This issue can result in anemia in some cases.
  • Being tired: Being tired due to baby bed bug bites are mainly due to sleep problems it creates.
  • Allergies and infections: This side effect is not as common as the others, but if you have sensitive skin and a sensitive body, you might end up getting allergic reactions and infections in your body. In this case, you should immediately see a doctor.

Baby Bed Bugs Size

One of the most common questions about baby bed bugs is about their size. If you have never seen a baby bed bug earlier, it might be challenging to spot them since they can easily be mistaken for some other insect. Knowing the size of baby bed bugs might help you through this process.

As in every other living creature, the sizes of baby bed bugs and adult bed bugs are different. Adult bed bugs’ height is between 2 mm and 5 mm, whereas baby bed bugs’ height is just between 1 mm and 2 mm. Since they are so tiny, it is not easy to spot them. But of course, spotting them is not impossible. Baby bed bugs have white-yellow color, while adult bed bugs have brown-red color.

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Identifying Baby Bed Bugs

The main problem with baby bed bugs is possibly identifying them. You might be doubting whether if you have baby bed bugs in your house; and you would not want to deal with its long-term consequences. Here are some tips on how to identify baby bed bugs:

  • Look for evidence on your body, such as painful itches.
  • Check under and around your bed.
  • Check the places where there is stacked stuff.
  • Check your baggage and other things you bring from your travel if you traveled recently.
  • Ask for other people in your house if they are suffering from something similar.

Frequently asked questions

Baby bed bugs are tedious. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about baby bed bugs.

Are baby bed bugs fast?

Baby bed bugs are not very fast.

How quickly do bed bugs multiply?

Each bed bug can leave one egg daily.

To have more information, check “Baby bed bugs bites.”

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