Baby Bed Bugs Look Like

Baby bed bugs look like.If you ever had baby bed bugs in your apartment or your house, you should know how annoying and tedious they can be. They bite you, and the places they bite show some crazy reactions to this bite. No human being would like to stay with baby bed bugs. Besides, they reproduce very fast, and the number of bed bugs can increase very fast. So, you should have detailed information about what are baby bed bugs, how do they look like, and how you can detect them to be ready if they ever decide to come to visit you at home.

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Baby bed bugs look

They know how baby bed bugs looks can help you a lot during your process of detecting them and getting rid of them. Here are the physical characteristics of baby bed bugs and adult bed bugs that can help you.

  • Baby bed bugs are very small. Their heights are between 1 mm and 2 mm.
  • Their color is translucent and can be between white and yellowish color.
  • They cannot crawl very fast; you can see them crawling.
  • It is not likely to see them in the daytime since they hide all day and wait for you to sleep to bite you.
  • They might be mistaken for baby cockroaches. Keep in mind that baby cockroaches like to be around damp places, their antennas are longer, and they will run away if they see you.
  • Adult bed bugs have a brown-reddish color, and they are between 2 mm and 5 mm long.
  • The bed bugs’ eggs are even smaller, and they are nearly impossible to detect individually. You can see them when they are stacked together.

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Baby bed bugs bites

The thing that makes baby bed bugs annoying is, of course, their bites. Baby bed bugs visit your house and plan to stay because they need blood to survive, and they can suck on your blood while you are asleep. They can reproduce quickly, and your house can become a hotel for bed bugs. The following are symptoms of baby bed bugs bites that can help you to detect the bed bugs in your house:

Baby Bed Bugs Bites
Baby Bed Bugs Bites
  • Itchy bumps: Just like mosquito bites, bed bugs’ bites are itchy. It is not recommended to itch the itchy places because it can end in infection.
  • Pain and burning sensation: Another feature of baby bed bug bites is how painful they can be. You can feel a burning sensation in areas where the baby bed bugs bit you.
  • Tiredness: Another result that can come from baby bed bug bites is tiredness. If those bumps and itches are combined with being tired all day, you need to look for bed bugs in your house.
  • Sleep problems: Baby bed bug bites can result in sleep problems as well.
baby bed bugs bites images
baby bed bugs bites images

How to find baby bed bugs in your house?

If you are sure that you were bitten by bed bugs and all you need to do is finding them, there are some places you can look. Baby bed bugs like to hang out in certain places, and it is most likely that you will find them there. The following are places where bed bugs like to hang out the most:
·         Beds: It is no surprise that bed bugs like to hang out around beds. Check under and back of your bed.
·         Stacked belongings: If you have a part in your room where lots of stuff are stacked together, it would be wise to take a look at that places. Bed bugs also love to hide between belongings, and there is a chance that they might be hiding there.
·         Closets: Do not forget to check hidden spots on your closets.
·         Couches: They might choose to stay under your couches as well.

Frequently asked questions about baby bed bugs’ looks

It is important to have knowledge about baby bed bugs’ looks to differentiate them from other insects and apply the right treatment to get rid of them. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about baby bed bugs’ looks.

Can humans see baby bed bugs?

Yes, even though they are small, they are not microscopic.

What color are baby bed bugs?

Baby bed bugs are often white and yellow. They might even be translucent.

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