Just Born Baby Bed Bugs

Just Born Baby Bed Bugs

Baby bed bugs may cause trouble in your house. Baby bed bugs feed on human blood, so if they choose to stay in your house, they have to feed on the blood of people living in the house. It might be very tedious to have baby bed bugs in your house, and the result of being bitten by a baby bed bug is not something that you would want to have.

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Why are they called “baby bed bugs?

One of the questions you might have about baby bed bugs is why they are called baby bed bugs. As you can understand, the “baby” part comes because they are babies. Of course, there are adult bed bugs as well. The reason for them to be called bed bugs is because of where they live. Bed bugs are typically found in beds. This is because it is easier for them to suck human blood when humans are asleep. Since humans do not move when they are sleeping, baby bed bugs can come on their bodies, feed themselves, and leave.

Facts about just born baby bed bugs

Baby bed bugs are different from adult bed bugs. They can be even more difficult to detect since they are smaller by size. A newborn baby bed bug can be smaller than 2 mm in height. Their color is whitish-yellow color, and they are almost translucent. Adult bed bugs can go weeks without eating but just born baby bed bugs must be fed at least once a week. Their color turns brown as they grow, and their skeleton is shed. The color of an adult bed bug is brown and reddish. A baby bed bug must feed itself at least five times before it can shed its skeleton and continue to grow.

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Just born baby bed bugs bites

As mentioned above, just born baby bed bugs needs to be fed more than adult bed bugs. So, it is more likely that you will be bitten by a just born baby bed bug if you have them on your house. It is important to know what how a just born baby bed bugs bite looks like to detect them and treat them as soon as possible. Here is how a just born baby bed bug bite can look like on your body:

  • The points they bit typically get swollen. You might first see them as tiny dots on your body.
  • They are itchy. As you itch those tiny dots, they would get red and even more swollen than earlier.
  • The swollen points can be bloody.
  • The swollen points get painful, and you would feel a burning sensation in those areas.
  • Just born baby bug bites are typically followed by tiredness and sleep problems.

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Getting rid of just born baby bed bugs

As most people detect the presence of just born baby bed bugs’ or bed bugs at any level of the growth process in their life, you need to look the ways to get rid of them. There are many ways of getting rid of baby bed bugs with the ingredients in your home.

But do not forget that baby bed bugs and just born baby bed bugs can live off everywhere, and even you leave two baby bed bugs to live, they can reproduce and cause you trouble again. So, it is important to use an efficient way that will make you get rid of them for good. The best way to get off just born baby bed bugs is to call a spraying firm as soon as possible you detect the presence of baby bed bugs. Every corner of your house must be sprayed, and you should be careful from now on not to have baby bed bugs on your house again. You need to check the stuff you brought home from outside and wash your sheet at high temperatures frequently.

Frequently asked questions about just born baby bed bugs

Having just born baby bed bugs can be very challenging. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about just born baby bed bugs.

Can you see just born baby bed bugs with the naked eye?

Even though they are so small, you can see them.

Do just born baby bed bugs bite you?

Yes, they bite you because they have to feed themselves.

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