What do baby bed bugs look like to the human eye – Detailed information

Baby bed bugs can be very small, but this does not mean that the human eye cannot detect them. Baby bed bugs can be seen by humans, but it can be easy to mistake them for some other insect. So, it is crucial to know what baby bed bugs look like to the human eye.

Baby bed bugs’ color
Baby bed bugs’ color is one of the most important distinguishing factors about their looks. Baby bed bugs are typically white. However, when they are first born, they might not even be white and instead have a translucent color that makes them even harder to see. Baby bed bugs also can have a color that is a mixture of yellow and white. So, you can see baby bed bugs with a yellow color that has a whitish color added to it.

The color of baby bed bugs changes as they grow up. The color change is mainly due to the feeding processes. A baby bed bug must be feed on human blood at least five times before it can start its growing process. As they grow up, their looks also change.

Baby bed bugs’ size
Another important determinator for detecting baby bed bugs is their size. Their size can tell you a lot, but the thing is, since other insects’ babies are also small, it would be more difficult to distinguish them both. Baby bed bugs are typically between 1 mm and 2 mm in height. Their bodies are curved, and they typically do not move very fast.

Adult bed bugs’ color
As mentioned above, the change of bed bugs changes as they grow older. After being fed five times, the color of the baby bed bug starts to transform to a brown color. This brown color can be combined with red, and adult bed bugs might have this reddish-brown color. An important thing to note is that, even though the color of the bed bugs changed brown, their translucency can still be observed.

In other words, when you look at a cockroach, you can see the contrary color that is one hundred percent brown. However, the adult bed bugs’ color is somehow different.

Adult bed bugs’ size
As you can guess, adult bed bugs are bigger than baby bed bugs. However, they do not grow too much, and even adult bed bugs are considered very small. The size of an adult bed bug changes between 2 mm and 5 mm. They have a very flat body, which lets them have incredible hiding skills. They can hide basically everywhere, making it sometimes impossible to detect them.
Bed bugs eggs
Another important thing to know about bed bugs is about eggs. Even though female bed bugs produce only one egg each time, they can do this very frequently, and your house can end up being a bed bug heaven, which you would not like to have. The bed bug eggs are typically 1 mm long. The eggs are white, and they are curved. Since bed bugs are not monogamous, they can have many partners during their visit and lay so many eggs.

Typically, the size of a bed bug egg is as tiny as the top of a needle, and it is nearly impossible to see on its own. However, bed bugs typically put their eggs side by side. You can see many bed bugs eggs all together at once, which is visible to the human eye. You need to be careful about the eggs.

Frequently asked questions about bed bugs
The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about bed bugs.

Do bed bugs hurt people?
Bed bugs do not cause serious damage to humans in the short run, but their bites can be annoying.

How can I get rid of bed bugs?
Spraying your house is the most valid way to get rid of bed bugs.

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